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My name is Guy Buzzelli, I met Murat thru a online game I played on my iphone. Him and I were enemy’s in the game but then started talking about stocks. We shared strategies and our trading style was different from each other it started a friendship. We have decided to work together to share what we know with others. I have developed a unique strategy over the years designed to find stocks ready for new 52 week highs. I scan every morning for 4 criteria and look for the same pattern over and over again. This took me years to develop and refine but when choosing the correct option I typically see higher than average gains. I consistently see gains over 100% and much much higher on occasion.

My philosophy is You can’t go broke taking profit. Do not get greedy and cut the losers fast. Enjoy life because its easy to get caught up watching charts all day long.

In my spare time I enjoy deep sea fishing and golfing. Be humble. Be kind. Be a good father because your children are always watching you.

I look forward to meeting you and look forward to trading with you.

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